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What To Look For & Ask When Choosing Your Inflatable Company

Posted By: Riviera Events | Posted Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019

What To Look For & Ask When Choosing Your Inflatable Company

When booking an inflatable for your event, it is not just the insurance that you need to check with whoever you choose to hire from, the most important things are that you know the inflatable has an annual safety certificate for it, and also that you are using a trained & qualified operator. Would you have your car MOT'd, use a Gas Fitter or an Electrician that hadn't had the correct training and qualifications in place.
This is your child's safety at the end of the day.

Also never be afraid to challenge an operator to see their insurance policy and the safety test certificate for the inflatable you are hiring (without this annual test certificate the Insurance will be invalid) A good operator will happily show these to you.

Here at Riviera Events We are fully trained to set up compliantly to HSE Regulations for your children's safety (Most importantly the anchoring of inflatables outdoors) and will not set up in weather conditions that are not legal to operate in (i.e. high wind speeds).

Please follow the link below where you can input your postcode to see who your nearest qualified operators are.

This is currently the only recognised qualification within the industry for operators of Inflatable play equipment.

The RPII are recognised by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) of England. The HSE oversee the regulation of BSEN:14960 2013 which is the standard any inflatable company have to work to.


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